Sandown Road Bridge - Danville


I decided to take a look at the Sandown  Road bridge myself today (12/07/2006) and see what it looked like myself. The first thing one sees is this barrier which blocks and closes the road.


Walking around the barrier one finds two very large potholes. This first one is at the edge of the bridge and is probably about three feet in diameter.

The second pothole is about four feet along the long axis and at least two feet wide. The depth looks like it is about a foot and a half at the deepest part. Yeah, I really should have brought something to measure with. Maybe if I go back.

Looking down the causeway one can see a lot of what looks like erosion damage along the side of the road. Could this be from some of the flooding we've seen the last couple of years? I suspect so.

Off to one side I saw what looks like an older bridge. It is much longer than the culvert covering that makes up what we currently call (miss label?) a bridge. I do not know if any actual road connects with that bridge or what sort of shape it is actually in. I suspect it is in pretty sad shape though.

Copyright Alfred C Thompson II 2006