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Thompson Family Trip to Norway
The Snowboard Ramp
Georgica Pond
Sandown Road Bridge - Danville
Wild Turkey
White Water Rafting

Alfred's Photo Album

This is a jump off spot for pictures of interest to my family and friends.

My son Ace has been playing with Movie Maker. I took some video of him snowboarding and he put it together with background music. See it here.

The snowboard ramp is a backyard project. We were talking about the shortage of snow one winter and decided to build a snow gun. Then of course we needed a "hill" to put the snow on. We decided to build a ramp in the back yard that we could cover with snow. Here are a few pictures of what we built. We never did get the snow gun working though.

In the spring of 2000 my Dad took the whole family (19 of us in all) to Norway so that we could see where we came from. Here are some selected pictures.

I've put a couple of pictures of our gardens here. I hope to remember to add or replace them as the summer goes on.

Georgica Pond is a small body of water in East Hampton town in New York state's Long Island. It borders the Atlantic Ocean on the south and the Montauk Highway on the north. One day I took a kayak ride around the pond and took a few pictures. Some of those pictures are here.

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