The Snowboard Ramp


Here is the general idea. My son and I wanted to make snow so that we could snowboard. Obviously this would have to be on our own property. We don't have any slope at all though. So we decided to build a ramp in our yard. The idea being that we could build a snow making machine (plans are available on the Internet) and blow snow on the ramp. This way as long as it was cold enough (not a problem in New Hampshire in the winter) we could have a place to play around with our snowboards. This is a photo essay of the build process.

The ramp is bolted together and is taken down in the spring and stored. It can be reassembled in the fall or winter anywhere we want.

This is the ramp before we put the "skin" on it. As you can see it is mostly 4x4 construction.

Here you see Ace standing against the high part of the ramp to give an idea of scale. The part of the ramp above Ace's head is almost 8 feet above the ground.

Here I am sitting on top of the ramp. When I stand up I look down on the top of the shed in the rear of the picture.

Here Ace is sitting on the finished ramp. The overlapping pieces of plywood are standard 4x8 foot plywood. 

We finally had some snow. Here is Ace at the top of the ramp. Notice the little jump at the bottom? Ace cleared the driveway to get that snow.

Here is Ace about to take to the air. 

Ace in the air grabbing the board. The battery died right after this shot.

We've set the ramp up several years now. Last winter we didn't bother though. We probably will not set it up this year either. Basically we have never gotten the snow making to work. Without artificial snow we can just as easily use the neighbor's "hill" across the street with natural snow. But we still have it and it only takes about an hour to set up (or take down) so you never know. One of these days we may revisit the snowmaking and things could change.


Copyright Alfred C Thompson II 2007