Georgica Pond


This is a collection of pictures from a kayak trip at Georgica Pond in East Hampton NY. I have no idea who owns any of the boats or houses in these pictures. There are a lot of rich people (I doubt there is a house on the pond that can be bought for less than $4 million) and some very famous people who own houses on this pond. But none of them put out signs saying who lives there. :-) I have seen houses on Georgica Pond for sale at prices well over $12 million BTW.

I took this shot (sorry it is blurry) as I was backing out of the little inlet where I entered the pond. That is my Dad on shore. My car is parked behind him and to your right. This inlet at the shore is about 6 to 10 inches deep.

Most of the shoreline has these tall grassy plants. The statue is, as near as I can figure, someone's idea of art. There are some similar objects around the bend but I didn't get a good picture of them. They may be a house behind the trees but I could not see one.

This is a house along the pond. You can see about two thirds of it in this picture. There are some discarded pieces of some sort of crayfish or something on the bottom left of the picture. I doubt that people with a lawn this nice left it so I assume that sea gulls did. There were other signs of gulls along the bulkhead as well.

This is the same house from the water. It sure is big to me. The sun was starting to go down so this picture and some of the rest you will see did not come out as nicely as I'd hoped.

There were a lot of sail boats along the shore. most of them like the three you see here. I believe they have sailboat races on the pond during the summer. It's a good place for them on a windy day. You can barely make out one of several houses that are behind to trees in this picture. People seem to like their privacy.

Yet another good sized house. I think that on the south end of the pond (all of these pictures are from the north end) there are more and larger houses. Something for another day.

There were quite a few swans in the pond. This swan tried to scare me away on the way into the pond and again on the way out. Notice how he has his wings trying to make himself as large as possible. A second after I took this picture I had to put down the camera and use the paddle to stop the kayak. We came within inches of colliding. Frankly I did not want to see what his reaction would be to a collision.


Copyright Alfred C Thompson II 2007