Here are a couple of pictures of our gardens (if I may be so immodest as to call them that). There are four sections of garden in out back yard. These three pictures were taken from our back deck on July 16th 2004.

This is the vegetable garden. This is what I spend most of my time on. The tall plants on the left are tomatoes. There is peppers (hot) in the front. On the left you can see cauliflower and celery. The chipmunks ate all the corn and that is why there is so much empty space in the back.

This is a picture of the tomato section. Hot peppers are in the row in front of the tomatoes. Yes there is a lot of red in there and those are all tomatoes that need to be harvested. This picture was taking in the second week of September.

Here is a close up of the tomatoes on the vine. There are still unripe tomatoes on the left of the picture. Hopefully the weather will stay nice long enough for them to ripen on the vine.

And of course we need a shot of the ripe hot peppers on the vine. It was a very good year for hot peppers as well as for tomatoes. Unfortunately a groundhog ate all my green peppers and the cauliflower. I may get an electric fence for next year. We'll see.

To the left of this picture is our herb garden. The back is overgrown and we will probably do "something" about it one of these days. In the front are a lot of mint and chives. The right side is the flower garden which is in the middle of being redone. There are perennials left (the tulips and daffodils are past of course) and we'll plant some more today or tomorrow.

This quiet corner is the meditation garden. We need to put down some more pebbles on the walk way but this is otherwise finished. The red flowers in the front attract a lot of humming birds and butterflies. The low bench on the left I made myself. It's nothing fancy but it works. We move it and use it to sit while we put on and take off our snowshoes in the winter.

Here is a picture of the meditation garden in winter.

Here is the path into the back yard.

This is a close up of the morning glories on the archway into our back yard. We had quite a few this year as you can see.

This shot is from a bit further away and lets you get some context for the shot.

Might as well show you what it looks like in winter too!

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