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Simon - An OOP Project for Visual Basic .NET
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J# FAQ for High School Teachers
Adding Fish to the J# Marine Biology Simulation

This page is a repository of projects, hints, and other information about using Visual Studio .NET and it's languages for classroom use.

There is now an FAQ at this site about upgrading Visual Basic to Visual Basic 2005 for teaching.  Check it out here.

I have a blog called Computer Science Teacher at blogs.msdn. The focus of it is hints, tips, and useful information for teachers of computer science in K-12. It may be interesting to students as well. I hope so.

There are several items here at this time. The first item is an essay I wrote on creating control arrays. This article covers both Visual Basic .NET and C#. It is suitable for beginners.

Simon is a simple game I wrote. Simon is a game that involves four different colored buttons that randomly depress and beep. The player then has to press the buttons in the same order that they beeped. This most useful part of this project is a special button class that inherits from the PictureBox object.

With Visual Studio .NET 2002 and Visual Studio .NET 2003 files on a network share may give an error. This error is caused by a security setting designed to protect the machine that Visual Studio .NET is running on. This is a set of instructions on setting the network share as trusted so the you can operate without the error message.

The J# FAQ is an attempt to answer the questions I most frequently receive regarding the use of the Visual J# programming language that is included with Visual Studio .NET. It is primarily targeted at high school teachers how need to teach the Java language.

The Marine Biology Simulation document is additional documentation designed for Advanced Placement Computer Science teachers who use this case study in their classes.

Useful Web Links

h  - An online community for Computer Science teachers.

Coding4Fun - a website for the student or hobby programmer who is looking to write code for fun.

h - A program for purchasing Visual Studio .NET and other products for Computer Science programs. This program allows a school to distribute software to students at not additional charge.

h - A set of resources provided by Microsoft specifically for high school computer science teachers.

Training Videos

Shameless Plug

My most recent textbook is the third edition of Microsoft Visual Basic .NET BASICS 2005 with Todd Knowlton and Stephen Collings. It is from Course Technology and is designed for middle/high school students. It was fully tested with Visual Studio .NET 2003.




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